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10k Business Model

This powerful business model – when you follow it and build out your business, teaching folks something new that changes lives – can change your life completely.

You can use it to get to $10k a month, $100k a year, it’s simply a matter of implementing and creating something others WANT to learn more about, and want to learn from you.

Listen to this training, then make a list of EXACTLY what YOU Need to do to get to $10k in YOUR niche or YOUR DREAM or YOUR GOAL:

10k Business Model Training

These are critical to “getting” the business model . . .

please study these as well:

  1. Listen to this training:

==>Create Products With Teleseminars

2. Listen to this training:

==>Create Recorded Products Fast

Listen to both trainings (about 1 hour all together), take notes, then:

3. Create a 10 x 10 matrix using this guide: 10 x 10 matrix

4. Read this guide: Using your 10 x 10 matrix


Now, I don’t know how much time you have.

But if you truly grasp the power of how easy product creation is using those 4 tools . . . you will nearly immediately be able to grasp how you can create and run a full time business in 4 days of 4 hours each (per week)

Here are some additional notes:

Create your first product this week!

Note: the real power to this is just making a commitment to doing a one hour teleseminar every week, EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO LISTENERS.

Hire your family and friends to show up if you don’t have anyone on your list. If you have a list, invite them. Just do a weekly training. Record it every week.

Don’t know what to teach? Use your 10 x 10 Matrix or ask your listeners what they want to learn.

In one year, you will have 50 hours of training.

Then when you need to create a new training, you go in and pick the relevant trainings for the topic of your product.

You could create a 10 hour home study course, a 4 hour training, and 12 week coaching program and STILL have 24 hours left for standalone products!

This is how I create most of my products – I record training on my weekly teleseminar. In the last 2 years I have recorded about 100 hours – and only have used about 30 of them as products. So right now I can go pick from 70 hours to create my next 10 hour program.

It makes it super easy.

Start today, this week.

You have nothing to lose and in a few weeks, you’ll be collecting your training you can put into products.

Just do it

Sean Mize


P.S. Here’s another bonus training for you:

Weekly Training Call Business Model

P.P.S Want my physical book?

Get it here: My physical book

$10 Million Business Model
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