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3 Success Trainings Plus Blueprint Call Plus Blueprint Mindmap

Congratulations on choosing this incredible package!

Step 1: Access the 3 Success Trainings:

Prosperity Training

8020 Productivity (Brand New – Listen to one track here, then one track on Entrepreneurial Factors, then rotate back and forth until you’ve listened to them all – these will change your life!)

Entrepreneurial Factors Training

Step 2: Register for the Live Call on Thursday June 18th at 11 AM ET (NOTE: call time changed from Tuesday until Thursday)

Note: the call time on that pages says 11:15, but I use that time because that system actually starts 15 minutes before posted time, and I don’t like the dead time 🙂 so it is at 11 AM, even though the page says 11:15!

Step 4: Access the bonuses:

Giveaway squeeze pages I used for this niche (notice how simple these are, very direct, and very sub-niched):

How to Get a Big Goal Achieved in 10 Weeks or Less

How to Find and Achieve Your Purpose

How to Make Good Decisions

Sales Letter Template:

Sales Letter Template

The method I use to create the content for my trainings:

Create Products Fast

Step 5: Study Mindmap

Note: the more of what’s on this page that you study before the live call on Tuesday, the more meaningful will be that call. I am planning to break the mold on that call, when you leave it you will be prepared to take your niche by storm and be excited about creating a meaningful business that can change the world!

See you on Tuesday,

Sean Mize

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