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4 Step by Step System

Congratulations on choosing the 4 Step System to Building Your Info Business!

This training will completely explain the business model itself:

The Business Model

Then I recommend listening to this for deeper clarity on “why”

3 daily tasks to $5k

Although the income level discussed is different, the concept is the same – whether you are selling $1000 a month or $100,000 a month . . .

Next, listen to this training for ideas NOT for the business model itself (although this will alert you to the long run in your business): long term product funnel

Once you’ve listened to those, THEN dig into DOING the 4 steps below:

Here are the 4 steps, if you’ll focus relentlessly on mastering these 4 steps, you have every part of your business that’s necessary!

Step 1: Create your squeeze page so that folks can get onto your list (critical)

This is one of the very hardest steps for beginners to do, and yet it is the FIRST step that MUST be accomplished. Once you have this is place EVERYTHING is easier!

Unfortunately (and this makes this harder) there is no one right way to do it.

So . . Study these 2 docs first:

Squeeze Pages Made Easy by Lane Coe

(that is a great one to give you the idea of different WAYS you can create it)

How to Build a Squeeze Page by Bevan Bird

(that one gives you tons of samples . . . and that makes it easy for you to imagine what you want YOURS to look like!)

Then create a squeeze page . . . an easy solution is optin ninja, or a free plugin to use is: wp leads

Step 2: Drive unlimited traffic to your squeeze page

This is my most complete, most powerful training on driving traffic ever:

Complete Traffic Training for Limitless Traffic

Step 3: Write a daily email and build a relationship with your subscribers so they trust you

How to Write a Daily Email

How to Build a Relationship With Your Subscribers

Step 4: Create products and sell them to your list

Listen to this first: Create products in less than 2 hours

Then use this as a reference if you need more info:

Advanced Product Creation


Friend, this system sounds amazingly easy – and that’s what’s deceptive. It’s easy to write this off – and yet it’s the same system I’ve used for nearly 10 years, and it’s practically the same system that just about every profitable marketer uses (including the Big Names you know and trust).

Please don’t let this go because it seems too simple, or because you get stuck on one step.

Plug through, do all 4 steps, and conquer the infobusiness bug!!


To your success,



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