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Million Person Business Advanced Training – With Recordings of Live Calls

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This is an intense course that was delivered live . . . I recommend listening to each training and imagine each were live, take notes, and brainstorm after each recording!

Also, listen to these first:

Intro Training – Million Person Business

2nd Intro – Million Dollar Business

How to Do it:

Visualize the disruption in your niche

How to Find a Million Person Problem

How to Find the Solution to a Million Person Problem

How to Brainstorm a Disruptive Innovation in Your Niche

First Call Recording: Million Person Business and Create Platform

Second Call Recording: Find The Million – Person Problem in Your Market

Third Call Recording: Brainstorm/Dream Up the Million – Person Solution in Your Market

Fourth Call Recording: Take Action, Dissecting Common Problems, Motivational Call

Fifth Call Recording: How to Create a Viral Online Business (how to go viral; viral marketing)

Sixth and Final Call Recording: Mindset Required to Build a Million-Person Business

Starting with the first live call recording, do the homework assigned on the live call, each week, prior to the next week’s call.

To your success,

Sean Mize

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