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Case Study – Complete Free Plus Shipping Offer and Sales Funnel Demonstration

Case Study – Complete Free Plus Shipping Offer and Sales Funnel Demonstration

Note: the free plus shipping campaign was not successful so I’ve refunded your payment for watching it; here are some comments about the process and my decision:

One of the dangers with doing a “watch me” type of promotion is that it might not work. Of course, for most people, I think the advantage is that you get to see how it works – even if it doesn’t work.

So watching something without an exact expectation of results is still useful. And perhaps more useful than seeing something done one year after it was actually done.

The case with the free plus shipping was that I wanted you to be able to see what I was doing as I was doing it.

And I initially showed you what I was doing.

But . . . sales were so slow, I have decided not to do a free plus shipping campaign at this time.

I just can’t make it convert profitably.

And sometimes when that happens, you simply tweak and maximize until it becomes profitable.

But there is a time for cutting losses.

And focusing on other projects that ARE productive and/or profitable.

So I’ve decided to end the free plus shipping campaign, and I’ve refunded your payment to watch me do it.

I’m sorry that I’ve perhaps let you down, because you wanted to see a profitable campaign you can follow.

But since it isn’t a profitable campaign . . . you wouldn’t want to follow it anyhow!

Hopefully there are even lessons to be learned in watching me do something that fails (it’s rare in this industry that you hear about the failures and why they fail)

If you still want to learn more about free plus shipping funnels, I recommend:

1) Read Russell Brunson’s book, DotComSecrets:

2) If you want to see an additional layer on the entire process, get the Funnel Hacks notes (not necessary, but highly instructive)

and create your own and test.

Sean Mize

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