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How to Choose a Niche Advanced With PLR

How to Choose a Niche Advanced Training by Sean Mize

Here is the training itself:

Step 1:

This training will teach you how to create a powerful upsell funnel:

==>How to Choose a Niche Advanced Training

Step 2: Listen to the above training, take notes on the steps, then take
action and DO each step. YOU Can choose a new niche, you CAN choose a powerful subniche, and this training will teach you exactly how, using highly insightful sources!

Just take action and do it – this is the same method I use to choose niches and identify deep needs –
and you can too!

Sean Mize, author of ==>Anyone Can Coach


P.S. You also have plr rights to this training, here are the terms:

These are the official rights (standard plr rights):

==> Resell the audio as is

==> Edit it and sell it as “Your Name plus Sean Mize presents”

==> Re-record it in your own voice as your own

Give it away to your subscribers as a bonus for buying something or
even just to subscribers to say “thank you for being a subscriber”

==> Transcribe it and make another product all together out of it

Do ANYTHING you want with it, including give it away, resell it,
repurpose it, re-record it as your own, transcribe and use it as your
own – even publish it as a kindle with YOUR name as the author

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