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Starter Package for Creating Your Own Non-IM Niche Business

Starter Package for Creating Your Own Non-IM Niche Business:

There are a number of steps involved in building your own business from scratch, and this training goes through each:

Foundation Module:


Choosing a Niche:

How to Choose a Niche

Finding Needs in the Market Place:

Find Needs in Your Niche

Write an Email Campaign:

Write an Email Campaign

Solo Ad Training:

Solo Ad Training

Sales Letter Template:

Sales Letter Template

Creating Products:

==>Create Products With Teleseminars

==>Create Recorded Products Fast

Advanced Additional:

Additional Product Creation Methods

First Month Game Plan – 4 Products in One Month Overview

Additional Tutorials:

Outline Your Products (Critical Step)

10 x 10 Matrix (Do this first) (pdf)

Write Your Ebook

Write Your Ebook Using Your 10 x 10 Matrix (pdf)

More Guides:

Product Creation Guide
Outlining and Intro CD Product

A post-overview

Scaling Your Business:

How to Scale Your Business

I hope I’ve made this super-easy!

It really can be easy, just jump in and try it, see how fast you can scale!

Sean Mize, author of ==>Anyone Can Coach


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