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Viral Growth Repurpose Rights

Congratulations for choosing repurpose rights to Viral Growth Training

You can do any of these things with this training:

==> Re-record it in your own voice as your own

==> Transcribe it and make another product all together out of it

==> Repurpose it in ANYWAY you want including repurpose it, re-record it as your own, transcribe and use it as your own –

==> Or, better yet, listen to them, learn enough to call yourself a guru, take notes, then record new trainings in your name.

You could even repurpose them for your own use, with your name on them, creating YOUR OWN information marketing “empire” the way I’ve done over the last 7 years by just adding 1 new repurposed training to your membership site or business each month

There’s so many ways you could do that, from creating your own website and adding a new product every month for the next fewyears, to creating a pen-named business over at udemy or many of the other training sites online, launching a new product each month for the next few years, and create a rock-solid products business just like I have, except you don’t have to think of what to teach, you just copy what I’ve done – and this repurpose rights can be your first!

Here is the training itself:

Viral Growth Training

To your success,

Sean Mize

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