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Watch Me Generate $60k on the Warrior Network in the Next 30 Days

Note: this is in reverse order, I delivered this live and added each time there were significant sales . . . so the beginning is at the bottom of the page, the Thanksgiving sale was the final wso offer . .

Over Thanksgiving I did a final repurpose sale as a Black Friday sale and we did about $25,000! and 1216 sales (I think that’s the most ## of sales in any one promotion)

(see the stats, 2nd line down, here)

So quite exciting!

Anyhow, with the launch of today’s wso, we’ve now hit the vaunted $60,000!

It took 3 months instead of 1 . . . but I hope you learned a lot watching this!

Here is the stat: $60k in 3 months

Here’s the sales page for today’s offer:

Today’s offer (that tipped us over)

Upsale 1

Upsale 2

and the Black Friday Sale:

Black Friday Sale

Upsell 1

upsell 2

upsell 3

One of the things I’ve shared was this concept, idea, of using different offers and ideas.

You don’t have to just do the same thing all the time.

Although, I am recommending creating your own membership and loading a lesson in each week 🙂

And your core 4 daily work.

But back to this project . . . I intended to launch about 1-3 high-value wsos to drive the campaign to $60k.

Last week’s launch helped:

(unlimited membership content)

That did $15,770: $15,770 from last launch

Now, one thing I mentioned at the beginning of this was sharing the revenue split between me and affiliates (what I get and what I pay out)

But I found it was totally difficult because there isn’t one screen for it, this page already have tons of links on it, that would double or triple it!

So honestly, I’ve just been waiting . .

So here is a screen shot of the profit split on this one:

Profit Split on latest wso

Ok, now for the totals so far since 9-21:

Totals: $32,525

Previous comments:

Ok, I got to confess:

Although I believed I could hit $60k in 30 days and I knew it would require at least a couple big dollar wso and an all-out effort,

I made a crucial mistake early on: I sold advance access to the next 20 wsos and I cannibalized my buying base- which is the necessary buying base for affiliates to notice so that they promote.

So when I released those wsos the affiliates didn’t promote.

And if affiliates don’t promote, sales aren’t made!

So I knew I had to make some changes.

And I’m planning a new kind of wso that can likely do $10k or more, I was planning on releasing it this week, but at this point it’s probably going to be next week.

One of the things that I do, and I love this, is it seems like nearly every month I get an idea for a new way to inspire folks to get better results . . .

And I got one of these ideas, and I’m actually building out a brand new membership lesson series that is going to change lives.

And true to my nature (do you ever get distracted like I do!!!) I have poured my heart into it for several days now and am totally excited about it.

But frankly it’s taken my time so I haven’t put as much into this 🙂

So likely it will take at least another 30 days to hit the $60k, but I’ll keep in touch on this until I do!!!

I hope you are learning tons just by watching the real life implementation, the changes that have to be made when mistakes happen, and what happens when you are juggling several big projects and of course I hope you are learning more than you might have been let down by my absence and not hitting the $60k goal in time.

So here are the up to date stats – $17k so far: through Oct 21

and with the new launch today, big numbers should be coming in – (unlimited membership content)

Days 17-21: stats days 17-21 (10-07–10-11)    ($3330, bringing the total to $16k+)

I launched a high ticket work with me offer over the weekend: work with me offer and today launched a low-ticket $10k Blueprint today

these are the upsells for the $10k Blueprint (no upsell on work with me offer) (may not be or remain in this order):





(also note the re-use of the upsell offers, re-using on multiple front ends)

Days 14-16: I took a few days off, had some things offline to take care of . . .

total stats, days 14-16 (10-04–10-06): days 14-16

a grand total of $286 . . .booooo!

But total of $12,728 in total revenue so far . . revenue so far

Back in the saddle today with a new wso with a new premise:

Viral Growth Training

Repurpose Rights to Viral Growth Training

50 IM Repurpose Rights

One of the things you are getting to see is real-time action . . . and I keep mentioning the idea that things don’t always go as planned – in your business, and in mine. I know that many times gurus make it seem like it’s all easy – and even in retrospect, I usually say things are easy for me because I don’t remember the pain as much as the result!

But in reality, most campaigns are bumpy, up and down.

I outlined today some of what I’ll be doing for literally the next 75 wsos . . . I doubt I’ll release them all to get to $60k! (my average I’m finding is about $k per wso) –

and have some very interesting things coming up!

Day 13: (10-03):As you know from below, I expected about $2k today, but I pulled the offer early because of concerns with it . . . so ended up with a little over $1k: Day 13 stats

Up to $11,677 so far: 12.3 days so far stats

So before I get into the last few days stats, I’ll share a little. Just like you are trying to build, I run a real business, and I’m a real human and I take days off and get tired and things don’t always do as well as I want.

I was hoping to do maybe 1 wso a day since the beginning . . .and of course we are at 3!

So it might take a little longer than 30 days . . . although I have some big promotions I’ll likely do that might pull it out at the end .

I am also hoping this is a learning experience (especially when you look at something like in day 11 where I created a wso that basically flopped . . )

As you see me doing what I do, day in and day out. And of course this is a small part of my business (and my life) and sometimes other days take precedence.

Now, today is actually day 13 as I write, and normally I would wait until tomorrow to give you today’s stats (cause they aren’t final anyhow)

But I want to share a bit about yesterday . .

the day before I had planned to promote what I thought was an amazing offer, and I wrote what was a high converting email and I generated about 600 visits, and at $2 per click, I expected in the area of $1000 – $1500 in sales from one email.

But the affiliate disappeared! Paypal didn’t work, couldn’t raise him in the Warrior Forum, dead silence.

A bit frustrated, if only because of the wasted mailing (but also because clients are getting frustrated too)

But it came to me later in the day . . . the offer he was selling came with resale rights to resell the exact same package!

So I decided I would simply resell it to my list . . . at the same price, same sales page, really just as a way to provide what folks were asking for (I got many emails telling me folks were trying to buy but it wasn’t working for them) and of course to recoup the investment of my money and time in promoting a dead offer . . .

Now, just so you know, I’m not planning on making it available to affiliates. . . I simply don’t want to take advantage of the situation on the other guy’s part – obviously something broke down in his world or business for this to happen –

So I’m keeping it private, just to my subscribers, I want to recoup my email and let folks who want it buy it (and again, I bought the resale rights and I am charging the same thing, and it would have been 100% commissions)

All said, here is that offer: Firesale 500

Once again, I hope you are learning through just what I’m doing.

And at 7 AM, my revenue today is at $350 so far – I’m frankly expecting about $2k today: day 13 AM stats

Day 12: (10-02) Day 12 Stats – Slow day – I actually took most of the day off

Day 11 (10-01) Day 11 Stats now today I launched the kindle training – it didn’t do well. Now, it could have been that the best buyers already bought it in the 20 wsos package . . . but I’m guessing that’s only a small part of it, that the real issue is more that the topic isn’t what folks on my list are interested in.

But you see sales are still strong due to the 20 wso offer . . .

Here is the kindle offer pages:

kindle offer




Day 10 (9-30) – got WSOOTD today! (WSOOTD)  Sales: Day 10 sales

Day 9 (9-29) Sales! $1400 plus today has been strong so far (about that so far, still have 1-2 mailings to go): Day 9 Sales Stats

Brings us to $7,242 so far (and today brings it to $8,400 unofficially)

That was from the new, unique wso: New WSO – 20 pre-release wsos

and here are the upsells: u1 u2 u3 u4

The key with something like this is, remember, we have a goal: $60k, so we have to shoot for that goal.

A wso like that one will generate big sales (I’m guessing $5k or more) – but of course it will cut into the long-term sales of the 20 wsos. (by the way, just as I write this – in about an hour – about $300 in sales!

Of course, the idea is that only a percentage buy this package, so there are many more who won’t (because of the higher price point)

But one of the things you’ll likely see me do over the next few weeks is that I’ll be probably doing several wsos that will rack up the sales . . . along with several wsos that will be lower volume . . .

Stats: with the long weekend for me, sales are down over the weekend (as expected) . . . up to about $5900 in sales:

Days 5-8 (9-25-28) Days 5-8 stats

anyhow, till tomorrow


Note as we go into the weekend:

It’s been a full week for me – with several other projects in addition to this one –

Right now we are at just about $5k in sales, (4 day sales stats) and it’s just beginning . . . I’ve wanted to make sure as many folks as possible are watching . . . and ran out of time to write some of the new copy you’ll be seeing next week . .

So will take a couple of days off for the weekend, and am planning some amazing wsos for the next week or so –

You’ll see some interesting wsos, likely a couple big winners, and as we go through, you’ll see how I manage results to get us close to the goal number!

Congratulations for choosing to Watch Me Generate $60k on the Warrior Network in the Next 30 Days!

The way it is going to work is each day that I work, I’ll plan to post a “daily update” to this page with the latest results –

And I’ll put them here in reverse order for now so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom 🙂

Day 4(9-24) Day 4 Stats

Day 3 (9-23): Day 3 stats

I am planning to change the format of these results so you can see the images –

As you can imagine in a project of this size, I’ve got a lot of things going, and the presentation here has been a lower priority.

I was hoping to get a new wso out yesterday, and then again today –

but it still might be another day or so for the next one –

I actually have about 3 in mind, and there will be more –

And one thing you’ll see with this is there will likely be several that are “surprises” meaning they do much better than average, and have higher prices . . .

So hang in here, I believe you’ll learn a lot from seeing what I do and seeing me do it, over the next 27 days!


Day 2 (9-22): Day 2 Stats

Most of those sales were from yesterday’s offer; a few sales are from previous products, that often happens when releasing a new product, because people see some of the older offers when they access the training in w+

I’m hoping to launch another wso tomorrow –

Today I’m promoting for a partner, so it likely won’t be a big day

But you’ll likely see 2-3 new wsos over the next few days, then we’ll evaluate progress and sales

The first day was yesterday, and the first offer was this offer (the page where you invested in access to watch me in this challenge)

(9-21 stats):

I was particularly excited to wake and find that it was listed as WSOOTD on as well!

Day 1 (9-21):

This is the first offer (this offer) and the upsell pages:

Sales Page

Upsell 1

Upsell 2

Upsell 3


I’ll continue to add these daily updates, with updates of revenue, sales pages, and as campaigns expire, the revenue split between the affiliates and me (those numbers would be inaccurate at this point)

I’m excited about what I’m doing here, and if you want to learn the steps so YOU can do it as well, I recommend my training here:

Watch me create a wso in 2 hours

The WSO Master Report

To your success,


P.S. the Warrior Network has been very good to me over the last few years. An estimated 50% of more of my income comes from W+ sales . . .

and I’ve had multiple clients start from scratch and build a business there . . .

If you are wanting to build a business in the im niche, it’s an easy way to get started. Note: It’s not recommended for long – term, I highly recommend building your own blog presence and an organic presence . . . but if you want to start something fast, it’s great kindling!!!! (and not of the amazon kind, the fire kind!)


Sample of a Blueprint for Going From $5k/$10k to $20k or more
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