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Watch Me Write 12 Week Product Launch Sequences

Congratulations for choosing to watch me write 12 product launch campaigns for my entry level email campaign . . .

I’ll be adding them to this doc as I create them: 12 Week Product Launch Email Campaign Sample Generic Campaign + First Of My Campaigns

Before I start, I recommend you start by studying these bonuses so YOU can create your own trainings for YOUR 12 week entry level campaign:

Create a 1 hour product: Create a 1 hour product

Write a sales letter in one hour: Write a sales letter in one hour


Sean Mize

P.S. If you want to see how easily I run my business, check out my youtube channel and watch the 1st 2 videos:

Sean Mize youtube channel

P.P.S. perhaps you like to read . . . here are my books on sale at Amazon:

Sean Mize books


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