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Weekly Training Call Business Model Training Call

Congratulations for choosing to come to my live training, The Weekly Training Call Business Model”

Here is the access line (and the place where the recording will be after the call)

12 PM ET (noon) Weekly Training Call Business Model Access

Before the call, here is some homework that will prepare you to immediately begin to implement the new model:

  1. Answer these questions for yourself:

    Why are you in the internet marketing business?

    What do you teach?

    What would happen if you began teaching one new live training each week? Would you become more fluent in the teaching of your topic? Would you grow? Would others learn?

    Are you ready to start changing lives and getting paid for it?

  2.  A few months ago, I taught a powerful training on getting to $10k a month – it’s simple, it’s not complicated, it’s the SAME model I have personally used for 10 years this month . . .

    Here’s what I suggest: listen to the recording of the training, then make a list of EXACTLY what YOU Need to do to get to $10k in YOUR niche or YOUR DREAM or YOUR GOAL:

    Replay line for 10k Business Model Training

  3.  When you’ve completed both above assignments, write down the 5 things you see you need to do each day in order to achieve your above goals. What can you do to stay on track? Then listen to the Core 4 Daily Training under 3) on this page:

    4 Daily Steps Training


Write down the 3-5 things that need to happen each day to achieve your goal

    Write down an amount of time needed each day to do those

    Then put a time next to each item (for example, 9:00 write daily email
    10:00 AM record weekly 1 hour training
    11:00 AM write 30 minute sales letter

    and so on . . .


4 Step by Step System
Starter Package - Weekly Live Call
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