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The First Step to Achievement

Now is a great time to begin to think about what you want to achieve this year.

But I think the first place to start is thinking about what you set out to achieve last year and understand WHY you missed your goal.

You see, if you set new goals this year, but approach them the same way as you did last year, you are likely to miss your goal this year just like perhaps you missed it last year.

In order to get different results, you must take different action.

So that’s step 1: what went wrong last year?

Step 2 is determining exactly – and I mean, precisely, what you want to accomplish this year.

You see, if you are not precise, you’ll likely miss the mark.

Maybe that’s what happened last year.

You weren’t precise.

So you didn’t achieve your goals.

For example, maybe your goal this year is to achieve tactical domination in your specific area of expertise. What EXACTLY does that mean? How much new knowledge do you need to get there?

What training programs do you need to go through to get there?

Or maybe your goal is dollar-oriented.

Then you need to be precise, more precise than just saying, I want to double my revenue this year, more precise than, I want to make $200k.

EXACTLY what will it take to double your revenue this year?

If you are making $50k a year this year and you want to double that, EXACTLY where will the revenue come from?

Break it down: $50k = $4,333 per month

What is that? 44 new clients at $100 a month?

23 clients at $200 a month?

433 books sold at $10 each?

What is the EXACT denomination of $$ that will get you there?

Or take the $200k example.

What will it take to do $200k this year?

That’s $25k a month.

What has to happen for that to happen?

Guessing won’t get you there.

Is that 50 $500 sales each month?

Who is going to buy the $500 training?

What will be required to make it worth $500?

How will you tell your target market about it?

All of this must be exact, if it is not, you likely won’t get there.

That is one of the things I have discovered in working with my personal clients. Once they determine EXACTLY what and how they are going to do it, THEN it becomes much easier to just do it.

Cause it won’t just happen.

No matter how much you think about it. No matter how much you hope, dream, visualize, or anything else like that, if you don’t know what to do and then do the work to make it happen, it will NOT just happen for you.

So to review, your first step for planning your achievement this year is to review last year and determine EXACTLY what went wrong.

And then your second step is to determine EXACTLY what you want to accomplish this year, and EXACTLY the things that have to happen to make that achievement possible.

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