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The New Year

As I sit down to write this, I’m not sure
exactly how it will come out.You see, my wife and I had a quiet night last night
at home with 2 neighbors, and we watched
the New York festivities, stayed up for the
New Year countdown and as the ball dropped, I thought

“this is a brand new year

“this is the very first hour of the new year

“I have a blank slate for the next 365 days

And then, finally,

“I’m really excited about this new year
and I’m going to take the best care of this year possible, I’m
going to purposefully strategize and implement in a
way and to a level I have never done.”

And right then I had an amazing sense of calm around me.

It was like I had an incredible peace about the new year.

About growth and change and unlimited possibility!

About fulfilling my dreams and purpose in an amazing way!

And today I thought, I have to share this with you.

I wonder what you are thinking about the new year.

You have a blank slate.

365 unwritten days.

They are unused.

And can be used for good, for bad, for nothing.

They can be wasted, big chunks of time wasted never
to be heard from again.

Or they can be strategically determined.

You probably know I have faith in a big God.

And if you have listened to my last few faith-calls,

you know I believe God has a purpose for us, for me, for you.

And I’m so excited about the things I’m going to
be working on this year.

But no matter how you believe, where your faith is,

NOTHING HAPPENS until you do it.

No matter how much faith you have, if you have no
plan, and either do nothing, or what can be worse,
do the wrong things to achieving your goals, then

No matter how much faith you have, no matter
how much LOA you use, no matter what you think
on, meditate on, dream about, whatever, NOTHING HAPPENS. . .
untilyou DO THE STEPS nothing happens.

So . . . hopefully this has been inspiring, maybe helpful.

Hopefully this has you thinking, yeah, I have a blank

What am I going to fill it with?

Am I going to allow others to fill it for me?

Am I going to allow my old habits to fill it for me?

Am I going to fill it incorrectly because I haven’t taken
the time to really study what to do?

What are YOU going to fill your year with?

Again, I sure hope this helps you!

I’m going to log off in a few minutes, pick
up a good book, a drink and some potato chips
and read by my back deck (it’s a bit cold for the
deck itself!)

Till later,

And excited about a NEW YEAR with a blank slate,
new possibilities, and exciting growth!

— Sean Mize

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