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Cracking The eMail Success Code


Most experienced Internet marketers teach that e-mail marketing is still the most effective way to sell to potential customers. The basic formula goes something like this:

#1 Develop a list building strategy by:   *Placing ads in publications related to your niche.   *Writing articles about a subject(s) related to your niche.   *Set up a Blog and post to it on a daily basis because the search engine spiders will visit your Blob when you post to it on a regular basis.   *Do a joint venture with a marketer that already has an established list.   *Use pay per click to try to drive traffic to your offer to get people to sign up for your list.   *Use offline advertising such as post cards to drive traffic to your web site to sign up for your list.   *Develop strategies to use on social media sites such as Face Book and Twitter to tap into the tens of millions of people who regularly visit these social media sites.

#2 Once you start getting visitors to come to your site, the next step is to get as many of those visitors as you can to sign up for your offer. Most marketers will do this by offering some type of free gift to motivate visitors to sign up for their list. This is a crucial part of the strategy because once you get visitors to your name squeeze page, even though your offer might be free your free offer must be very compelling to get people to take that next step to accept your free gift and sign up for your list.   #4 After you get some of those visitors to sign up for your list by taking advantage of your free offer, the next step is to begin to build a relationship with your new subscribers.

There are numerous reasons why e-mail marketing is not working for most marketers today and here’s what I think one of the biggest reasons is:   FREE STUFF That’s it, Just about every marketer thinks that they have to offer some kind of free gift to get people to sign up for their list.   What we have to understand here is that many people who may sign up for your list only to get the free gift. Some will give some kind of bogus e-mail address or an e-mail address that they set up as a junk e-mail account that they never even look at.

Look, a person could start a complete info. business just by signing up to lists that offer some kind of free gift to sign up to a list. This would be something that would be very easy to do because there are so many marketers eager to get people to sign up for their list by offering something free.   The trick is to be able to give away a free gift and still get the people who sign up for your list to actually read your e-mail messages.

Here’s one solution that might help to solve that problem: Make your free gift a five part info. product that will be sent to the new subscriber once each day for the next five days. Each day you give a little information just enough to get the reader curious enough that they will open your e-mail to read the next part of the report. If this is done right, most of the people who sign up for your list will stick with you and they will always open your e-mail messages because they know that you will always provide them with outstanding information.

E-mail marketing is going to get mor difficult in the days ahead however, it is still the best way to build relationships with your subscribers but in order to make it work for you, you are going to have to be more creative than your competition just to get your e-mail messages opened.     If you are interested for fresh inexpensive leads, Gregory Bey offers the following resource:


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