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How to Write an Article: List the Main Points that Lead to Your Conclusion

Article Writing may be the one of the most effective way to attract targeted traffic to your web site. It doesn’t matter if it’s published in a directory or on your blog. It’s the form that matters. That’s partly because when you’re reading, it’s harder to be distracted if you’re rested. In other words, in order to read the words, it’s more difficult for most people to think about anything else. That’s because they sub-vocalize. That is, they say the words to themselves. If this doesn’t make sense to you, then try reading a book out loud while looking out of the window. You’ll find that you can concentrate on one or the other, but not both.

Nearly all writing guidance will tell you to start writing from the beginning and then work to the end, but unless you have a clear idea in your mind about how to do that, you’ll be better off doing it in the reverse order.

Let’s say that you’ve already created your conclusion. You’ve explained your main point, and that logically takes your readers to your anchor text. How do you get them to that conclusion? The answer is that you lead them there. This is commonly referred to as arguing. Arguing is not a negative thing in this case. Instead, it refers to the act of laying out your ideas in a logical order.

This is both easy and difficult. It’s easy in the sense that when you read it, the argument makes perfect sense. But, it’s difficult in that it’s not always obvious what that looks like. That’s why it can be beneficial to outline why you have to say first.

The outline is nothing more than your ideas jotted down. There’s no need to follow that boring outline model that you were given in school. Outlines are for your benefit, and no one else’s.

Start with your conclusion, and then work backwards. In no particular order, what would you need to say in order for your readers to draw the same conclusion as you? What would they need to feel that would make them want to click on your anchor text?

If you’re using points, then put the strongest one first. After the bullet point, write one general sentence about what it means, and then one that’s a little bit more specific.

Then move onto the next point or idea.

When you finish discussing your points or ideas, then the conclusion should make perfect sense.

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