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Membership Content IM Niche

Congratulations for choosing an amazing membership Content Package!

Here are your membership content Access Pages:

Core IM Membership Content

4 Big Ticket Trainings

50 WSO (Low Ticket Trainings)

Additional WSOS (some repeats, not as organized, but wanted you to have these additionals)

20 Additional WSOS

Million Person Business Training

All of the above access pages come with these rights for you:

You can use any and all of the content in this package as membership content

You can use it as is as membership content (even linking to my download pages to make it super-easy for you)

You can change it if you want to make it yours for your membership site

You can change the name, change the order, use 100 hours, use 500 hours, use 1000 hours, whatever you

Basically ANYTHING you want to do with it as long as it’s in a paid membership

PLUS – you can also use any individual training track (one hour per download) as giveaway inducements to get people to join your list!

That’s right, you can create individual squeeze pages giving away individual trainings from this package – they join your list, then in your email campaign you can ALSO link to individual training pages so that people can sample YOUR MEMBERSHIP CONTENT


To your success!




Membership Content Rights - 50 WSOS
4 High-Impact Trainings From Sean Mize
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