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Personal Transformation Membership Syndication

Personal Transformation Membership Syndication

Congratulations on choosing the charter edition of my brand new Personal Transformation Topics Membership Syndication . . .

Yes, you CAN create your own membership with my content fast, and then you can add your content or you can even add other experts’ content as you get permission or buy rights to do it.

The key is to take action fast, and load lessons in fast, while you are excited about it, because if you wait till next week it probably won’t happen.

And once you start loading lessons in, you can start selling access to your membership.

And then you simply make the commitment to adding a few lessons each week until your membership is bursting at the seams . . .and frankly, I believe you should probably just keep adding lessons!

Overdeliver so much your members will WANT to stay members for a LOOOONG time!

Now, as this is the charter edition, I don’t have everything completed yet, as I said on the signup page, but should have most of it by Thursday . . .


  • –> I recommend using to get your domain name
  • –> Then I highly recommend you use WordPress Engine and if you want to read all about why: ¬† Why I Use and Recommend WordPress Engine Even Though It Costs More
  • A few themes that allow you to make¬† a truly original site: various themes I recommend
  • Which membership software to use?For a nearly exhaustive study of about 30 memberships, read this post: list of 30 membership softwares and plugins
    You can click through and read about each one, some are easy and some are complex, some are cheap and some are not. You simply have to choose one that meets your needs . . just remember that free usually means unsupported (you don’t work for free, either, do you?) so be careful with free unless absolutely necessary.Now, having given you a big list . . . I personally like memberpress and memberium (memberium can only be used with infusionsoft, which I use)My guess is that wishlist is one of the best low-cost ones, but I although I’ve set up a membership with it, I haven’t used it robustly.

    Also, know you don’t NEED membership software – you can simply put all your lessons in one category in wordpress, then create a page with that categories’ name, and make that page blank, that way no one except folks you give the lessons to (through your email campaign) will be able to know the link to the lessons. But . . .if you are going to go big, use membership software

And you can use this to get the basic script for writing your sales letter, just personalize it for you: the words to use to sell your membership


This is a partial list of the personal transformation topics, they are posted in several places on my files, so it may take me a few days to pull it all together, here’s to start:Time Management Topics (Multiple)

Purpose and Productivity Trainings (Multiple)

Banish Distraction and Fear of Failure (Single)

One Key Secret to Achieving Your Goals (Single)

Relentless Training (Single)

Overcoming Bright Shiny Object Syndrome and Other Distractions

Friend, I believe that if you’ll start on this immediately, and set up your site in the next 7 days, you can start driving visitors and traffic to your pre-sell email sequence next week and start enrolling members. And the more members you enroll, the more traffic you can drive (because you can re-invest 10% – 20% of the money that comes in into more traffic). But at first start with articles, forum posting (answering questions in forums), youtube videos, articles on linkedin, articles on and other places.You CAN leverage this single investment into a great big personal transformation training site and by carefully choosing other experts’ training you purchase rights to and adding it to my training here, and perhaps even adding a little of your own, you can completely personalize it so that it is uniquely yours! This can be an exciting journey and you can make it happen!Sean Mize



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