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Create Content

The Checklist

Now that you have a clear handle on creating content, you’ll be using the content creation method to write emails, create products, and of course create web content and prospect attraction pieces for the web. But before we move on to doing those things, I want to introduce you to the checklist for building your…

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Recording Your Content Pieces Instead of Writing

For the next 10 topics in the matrix, create a recording of you teaching on that topic, just as if you were writing, except you are speaking. You can even think of it as though you are dictating it to someone else to type in. But the key is that you end up with 10…

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Using Your 10 x 10 Matrix

Now that you’ve completed your 10 x 10 matrix, I want you to have an idea of what we’ll use it for (although this isn’t everything, when folks read this, they tend to get a breakthrough and all of a sudden realize how much easier this business can become!) Using Your 10 x 10 Matrix…

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Introduction to Creating Content

In this set of lessons, I’ll be showing you a super-easy way to visualize and plan, and then actually create, content. The good thing is, this process works for creating website content, for creating email content, for creating product content, for creating content to put on the web to attract prospects. And not only is…

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