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Outlining the Work of the 3 Core Components of Your Blueprint

Now, I’ve made it clear there are 3 core parts to your business: Each day, each week, you’ll do these 3 things: Write or record content that becomes your products (book chapters, 1 hour audios, videos, etc) and write sales letters that tell people who need your training why they should buy, and ask them…

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Solidify and Personalize Blueprint Steps

I’ve added this lesson only as a quick review. In the last few lessons, I’ve given you lots of background, the model, the Blueprint, the psychology, the why. But I don’t want it to be all confusing. So here’s to boil it down: Each day, each week, you’ll do these 3 things: Write or record…

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The Math and the Money of Your Blueprint

So far, we’ve dug into the mental psychology needed to stay motivated when things get tough in your business – really digging into changing lives first, then making money second (and as a result, making much MORE money!) So . . . change lives first, make money second. Now, you are ready for the Blueprint.…

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The Psychology to Implement Your Blueprint

Can I tell you something transparent? I wish I could reveal this like 10 lessons from now. Because some of you will read this lesson, say, this is so simple, I already know this. And yet, the key here is noticing what it does NOT include: the 90% things that perhaps you are doing each…

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Your Blueprint As a Guide

I’m putting this lesson in a slightly different order than I’ve taught it in the past. One of the things that’s important to me – and this Training Center is a culmination of this process over the last 10  years so far – is constantly improving the lessons, the way I teach the concepts, the…

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Finalize the Topic You are Going to Teach

One of the biggest mistakes I see in folks trying to build their info-business from scratch is trying to start before they know what they are going to teach. That would be like signing a lease to open a retail store when you don’t know if you are going to sell pizza, coffee, or clothes!…

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Get Started Building Info Business

Congratulations for starting to build your info business. We’ll work quickly, concisely, and much of what we do will dovetail together after about 10 days. To start, open a new Word or Pages doc. Write your name at the top. Then write the date beneath your name. The beneath your name, write the following: Your…

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