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How to Create a Master Product Plan for Your Business

The very 1st thing that you’re going to do is to create a master outline of all of your knowledge in your niche. A master outline of all of your knowledge in your niche. This may take you several hours to do, but this will be well worth your time for the rest of your…

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Q&A On Creating Products for Your Funnel

Product creation should be easy. Of course you’ve got to have the knowledge and do the work to create the product, but it’s not complicated. I’ve shared my process with you (Click here for my method for outlining each of your products). It’s still a little intimidating to make a product, however. Here are some…

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How to Use a Payment Plan to Upsell More Products

Not everybody is going to purchase your high-ticket upsell, at least not at first. How can you increase the number of people who take that higher-ticket offer? Let’s say that we use our automated campaign to market to these individuals for 3 days in a row, the $997 course, and we have a percentage of…

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Add Value to a High-Ticket Product By Adding Access to You

Let’s talk about what access to you could look like. Giving personal access to your expertise can take many forms, and each of them greatly boosts the value of your online course or product. Here are some tips for adding you into the mix: You could offer unlimited email access. Please, don’t allow yourself to…

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How to Move Customers Through Pricing Levels in Your Funnel

Here’s the thing you need to know about pricing: you can go higher, you can go lower. I have found in many niches certain price points work very, very, very well. In the past I found that if you started out with a product that had a price of much less than $100, you tended…

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How to Add a Coaching Program to Your Funnel

You’re probably familiar with a pretty basic funnel formula: a 1 – 2 hour initial entry product, then a more elaborate online course (generally 6-10 hours or so). Or half of that, or part 1 for $497, with some payment options – there are different ways you could mix it up but that’s the general…

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Creating a Funnel That Grows With Your Business

We’re going to cover how to create a complete information marketing funnel – and how to do it quickly. The biggest trap people fall into with an information business is not having products. That’s what will hurt you the most. It’s easy to rely on affiliate marketing. Then your business becomes centered around other people,…

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Creating Sales Letters for Low-Ticket Products

Okay, so I talked about low ticket products and why I chose the Warrior Forum. It’s just easier to break into. Over at JVZoo, affiliates kind of have to notice you. On the Warrior Forum they’re somewhere right there to promote it. Using My Own Pages One the things I wanted to share is why…

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My Personal Upsell Formula

So, the formula that I use for the upsell. I want to give this to you. Because, I’ll tell you, there’s a lot of upsell formulas out there, some of them work better than mine. First: Why I Don’t Do Video Upsells If you’re doing the whole video thing, that I don’t do. And you…

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