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Mastery Lessons – Introduction

Mastery Lessons – Introduction

Welcome to the 60 Day Coaching Program With Sean Mize!

Just a review of how this is structured: each day for the next 60 days you will receive that days’ lesson in your email box. Be sure and mark my return email address to go to your inbox each day. Also, it is critical that you save each lesson, as there will be no place where you can access all the lessons, so it is critical that you save each one.

Each lesson should take between 1 and 3 hours per day, which is a small investment of time to build a solid profitable online business following proven methods, instead of trying different systems and quick-start things that ultimately don’t yield true success.

Be sure and do the homework each day.

There is no email access, or live coaching access with this, as this is only the lesson material itself; it is designed to be self-paced; you alone are responsible for doing the lessons!

Here is the first lesson:

==> Click Here to Access ==>First Coaching Mastery Lesson and Introduction


Mastery Lesson 5 - How to Position as an Expert in Your Business
Mastery Lesson 4 - Structure Your Business
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