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Mastery Lesson 10 – Begin Product Creation

“First Product Creation”

By now you should have a pretty good foundation laid of what your successful expert-level business is going to look like.

You understand the expert model.

You are committed to creating a coaching program.

You are creating daily content.

You are positioning yourself as as expert.

You have the big picture.

Now, at the beginning we talked about creating a coaching program first. And that is the concept, that’s the working model you should have in your mind.

But let me ask you this, what would happen if you took a one-week break from your progress of moving towards launching a coaching program in your expert-presence business, and created your own entry level product you could sell for between $400 and $1000?

So that’s what we are going to do.

Now, the tracks for the this week’s lessons focus on creating lower-ticket trainings than that. But the process is exactly the same. And these trainings have consistently motivated clients over the years to get motivated and start creating products – they just make it seem (and it is) so easy!

So rather than create a “new” training with new dollar ##s, I’ve decided to use these classic trainings for this lesson. Listen to them, then follow the directions below:

Note: a training in a few days will give an example of creating a 4-product funnel. You don’t need to start with 4 products, but you can think of it as something you can create over the next few months (perhaps one product per month). These lessons are designed to get you started on all cylinders in your business . . . but growth will occur as you continue to add products, prospects, subscribers, and clients over time, and as you begin to fine-tune and tweak your own selling and delivering process based on results.

We’ll start with one product – and the goal is to create the first one in the next 7 days (you can do it, many of my clients have done it before, and I’ve created new products in one day).

Over the next few days, these trainings will teach you exactly how, listen to them first, then start the clock . . . and create your first product!


Today’s Training:

==>How to Create Recorded Products Fast

For homework . . . begin to think about what products YOU could create in YOUR niche.

Over the next few days the lessons will strategically guide you through creating your first product.

By the way, I’ve had some folks ask about “all the other content on the site” – is it part of the coaching?

Short answer: no. But I chose to put these lessons on the site because if you are just beginning to learn from me and you have NOT been exposed to how I think, my articles, etc., I thought it would be a good thing for you to be able to look around, read some of my articles, etc.

I encourage you to watch some of my videos on youtube, read some of my articles on ezinearticles, read everything you can at:

Maven Profits

I don’t write much “just to write it,” the grammar’s not always right, and you may not agree with everything, nor should you. But you’ll get a slightly different take on things with me than you do some of the others teaching in this space (that’s not good nor bad) and when you get differing views and opinions, it opens YOU up to formulate your own opinions not just based on “what everyone else is doing” but based on what “YOU” think is best, given your well-rounded research and exposure.

— Sean Mize

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