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Mastery Lesson 11 – 10 x 10 Matrix

Today’s lesson will look REALLY short, and it will be easy for you skip it, think it looks really easy, or wish I had sent you another training.

Bear with me, and set aside 2 hours to do this lesson. If you have time left over, reward yourself with a trip to the ice cream shop!

Read this document and follow the directions to create YOUR 10 x 10 matrix:

==>10 x 10 Matrix

— Sean Mize

P.S. I trust by now you have a pretty clear picture of what your business can look like as you craft it. The next few weeks will be implementation – getting these pieces in place.

And this is the stage in the process where folks tend to fall off, and start slipping . . . and a few days go by, you feel behind, and after awhile you are looking for another coach because you aren’t getting results.

The thing is, the first 9 days were setting the stage, motivational, building the picture of the business – just like maybe you’ve experienced in the past with other coaches.

But at some point, the rubber meets the road. This is that time. The work you start doing today will determine whether or not you build that business you’ve been dreaming about.

It’s your choice to make it happen . . . or let it slide.

So please let me push you a little here and say: if you want to succeed with this infobusiness thing . . . you gotta go through the drudgery of creating products and lessons.

If you don’t create products and lessons, you won’t have anything to sell. And if you are in business to sell, and don’t have anything to sell . . . you aren’t really in business!

This is the hard part. But it has to happen for you to have the business of your dreams!

Let’s do it!

— Sean Mize

P.S. Perhaps you have been thinking, I have questions for Sean. If so, you might be interested to know this: I do a weekly training call where I teach for about 30-45 minutes (sometimes longer) then I open the call for q and a – if something like that interests you, read this for more info (or to sign up):

==>Weekly Training and Q and A With Sean

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