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Mastery Lesson 12 – Begin Creating Your Product

Audio Training for today:

First Month Game Plan – 4 Products in One Month Overview

(note: it’s not required to create 4 products in one month. But I wanted you to see how easy it can be. Now your next step will be to just create 1)

Read this (you did do your 10 x 10 matrix yesterday, right?):

Using Your 10 x 10 Matrix

Now, that illustrates using your 10 x 10 matrix to make multiple products, then gives an ebook creation example. But I usually recommend clients record a product first, instead of write – but the choice is yours .

Note how these last few lessons have shown you how simple, simple, it is to create a product.

The examples were mostly lower ticket.

But the process is EXACTLY the same for creating higher-ticket training.

You can create a 10 hour training program and sell it for $400 – $1000.

And by now, you should have created about 10 hours of content already. You are in the daily 30 minute content creation pattern, right?

And if you’ve been creating written content, what would happen if for 20 days you were to switch to creating 30 minutes of daily recorded content?

In 20 days, you would have 20 10 hour tracks – 20 tracks!!! that you could put on a download page and sell for $400 – $1000.


1) Start creating a product. You’ve already laid the foundation for it. You probably could take some of your created content, combine that with your 10 x 10 matrix, and finish a $400 entry level product in the next 3 days, by just focusing on nothing else for the next 3 days. You can do it.

— Sean Mize

P.S. Perhaps you have been thinking, I have questions for Sean. If so, you might be interested to know this: I do a weekly training call where I teach for about 30-45 minutes (sometimes longer) then I open the call for q and a – if something like that interests you, read this for more info (or to sign up):

==>Weekly Training and Q and A With Sean

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