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Mastery Lesson 1

“Mastery Lessons Introduction”

Welcome to the Mastery Training With Sean Mize!

These lessons will systematically and sequentially lead you to a thorough understanding – and implementation of – high level strategic infobusiness principles.

I will be teaching you the exact methods and principles I personally use in my successful infobusiness. There will be a mix of instruction and homework assignments to aid you in fully understanding and utlizing the information to build your business.

But you must take the next step of fully fleshing out and implementing your own business system. You see, I can teach you everything to do to build your successful infobusiness, but if you don’t build your own business, step by step and brick by brick, then the end result will be that you don’t have one.

These lessons are designed to take less than 15 hours per week to study and begin to implement. That might feel like a lot of time right now, but my guess is that you are probably spending that much time online right now anyhow, between reading emails, trying to figure out what to do, and various other things.

And you might be thinking, why not just learn the basics real quick and not take so much time? Why teach me so much each week?

And the answer to that is simple, although my contradict what you have heard in the past: building an online business isn’t 3-click easy, instead it involves strategic implementation of advanced strategies. There is a whole lot more to building a successful online business than the “choose a niche, build a squeeze page, and write a daily email” model that you might have been exposed to in the past. And if what you have learned in the past has pre-disposed you to believe that building an internet business is really easy, the proof is in the pudding: you have decided to enroll in this training because the “easy” way you’ve learned from others simply isn’t cutting it to get where you want to go online.

This is complete, it is longer, and it is more intense, because I believe you want the truth, you want every unvarnished step, if you will study diligently, you will learn, step by step and sequentially, what to do and how to do it.

It won’t all be easy.

You will have to implement each step.

One more thing: it may be tempting to skip ahead because you think you know a topic inside and out. And the real test of whether or not you know something inside and out is this: is it making you the kind of profit you want?

Here’s the thing, if you think you know something, maybe as well as I do, for example, but that something isn’t producing the kind of results that I have in my business, then is it possible that you only think you know that something inside and out?

You see, there is a conundrum in the world, and that is this: you only know what you know. You don’t know what you don’t know. And that means that if you know everything about something that you think there is to know, that doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about a topic.

You only know what you know.

And the thing is, there might be one small cog of information that you are missing, and that is the entire reason you aren’t having the success you want in your business.

And if you skip a training because you think you know a topic inside and out, you’ll miss that key element, and when you finish these lessons, you will still be stuck – and you won’t even know why. Because you skipped the lesson where the one critical thing that you don’t know was taught.

Here’s the thing, would it be worth it to you to spend 15 hours a week studying and implementing if it would mean that you would finally have the clarity you need to take your business to the level you want?

If so, I highly suggest that you simply take the time to listen to every track, do every homework assignment, and take the time to plan out your business the way I teach you in this program step by step by step.

My advice: start at the first lesson, and work through each one sequentially. Even if you know some of the topics – listen to the trainings and do the homework assignment. You will learn something new on each lesson!

Now, my hope is that every client will listen to every track. But my experience is that not everyone will. And so that means that if I teach something in lesson 6, for example, that critically needs you have definitely listened to track 3 in lesson 3, for example, I might put that track also on the lesson 6 page. Even if you listened to it on lesson 3, I recommend you listen to it again when it appears on lesson 6, unless you have one of those “I remember and implement everything I hear” mentalities. Please don’t distract yourself from your work to open your email and send me an email informing me there is a duplicate track. Every track in this program has a purpose in this program, although in the effort to make this 100% complete for every client, sometimes I might teach something you just don’t need. If that’s the case, just skip it. But I would warn you to be careful in jumping to a too-early conclusion that you don’t need something I recommend, just because it doesn’t fit neatly into what you believe your business should look exactly like! Because sometimes you don’t that you need something, when you really do.

The thing is, this training is my highest level, most advanced training I’ve ever created. Much of the material in this program is no where else. And of course, if you own every training I’ve ever released, you’ll find that some of the training tracks here also appear in some products. If a particular training is highly powerful, I prefer to use the best version in each place I teach that concept, rather than creating a new (and possibly less powerful) training each time I release a new updated version of coaching.

Having said that, this training core is a result of years of testing, some of the individual tracks in this program have been responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of successes, so just because one particular hardy track might have been recorded in 2008, the reason it is still in this program in 2014, along with brand new tracks recently recorded, is because of it’s importance.

And finally, I encourage you to take seriously the setting aside of time to study, take notes, and then – most important – make an action plan based on what you learn. If you spend 1 hour a week learning, 10 hours reading emails from people who are making less than you want to make, and then 20 hours a week trying to implement based on what is coming into your mind from all directions, you’ll be much less effective than if you spend 10 hours studying, 1 hour reading emails, and 20 hours implementing what you’ve learned in the 10 hours of intense study. This isn’t to say that 10 hours is necessary, just that you should be acutely aware of the balance of study and implementation in your business!

Let’s get started!

Here is the first lesson:

I recommend listening to all the tracks in the order in which they are placed on each page.


Training on the Importance of Positioning as an Expert First:

Introduction (Listen to this First)

30,000 Foot Advanced Overview

Additional Clarification of Guru Model


Based on what you have just learned, what are you thinking for the structure of your sales funnel?

Write it out, label it “homework lesson 1”

Put it in a binder, at the end of 60 days, you will have amazing clarity in terms of what should be in your business.

And each day after today, set aside at least 1 hour to implement what you learn each day.

Mastery Lesson 2 - Find Your Purpose
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