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Mastery Lesson 21 – Tying Your Sales Letter to Your Product

At this point, you’ve created your product and written your sales letter.

Today, determine the shopping cart mechanism you’ll want to use so that when someone makes the payment, he is automatically directed to your download page.

Ejunkie is really easy to use. Or you can choose a wordpress ecommerce or payment button plugin.

Or ask your autoresponder service which they recommend that interfaces best with their service.

(Note: so far almost everything I’ve taught has been very step oriented and very specific. Unfortunately, because so many clients have so many different starting points, it is impossible to give a one-size-fits-all solution for this. If I were to choose one that would fit the most # of clients, it would be ejunkie for one time payments, but for continuity, there are multiple solutions)

Once you’ve subscribed to your chosen shopping cart, create the payment button, put it on your sales page, and make sure you link the payment button to either your download page or to a web form in your autoresponder service such that when someone makes a purchase, he is added to your autoresponder as a buyer, and then sent the download page.

— Sean Mize

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