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Mastery Lesson 24 – 10 x 10 Matrix For Your Coaching Program

Well, the time has come to start on your coaching program!

To start:

Design Coaching Program Part 1

Now that you have created one entry level product, it is time to design a coaching program – even if you aren’t going to necessarily launch it immediately.

Here’s why – the outline you use for your coaching program will also serve as the master outline for all your future products.

You see, if you continue by creating one product at a time, you will likely find that in the long run you have a mish mash of products that don’t fit together well.

However, if you start by designing your coaching program next, now that you have one entry level product, all of your product creation will be based on amplication of the various skills you plan to teach in your coaching program.

Step 1:

Use this guide to create a 10 x 10 matrix for your coaching program (this is exactly the same as creating your 10 x 10 for your first product):

10 x 10 Matrix (Do this first) (pdf)

— Sean Mize

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