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Mastery Lesson 39 – Begin Writing Your Credibility Campaign

Yesterday’s lesson was to listen to this training and write an outline of your credibility campaign:

Write a Credibility Campaign

Today, begin writing the emails in your credibility campaign.

Think of this as one track in a multiple track email campaign, where instead of a single string of emails, you have several email strings that run coterminously (I taught that in this track):

Email Layering

— Sean Mize

P.S. Perhaps you have been thinking, I have questions for Sean. If so, you might be interested to know this: I do a weekly training call where I teach for about 30-45 minutes (sometimes longer) then I open the call for q and a – if something like that interests you, read this for more info (or to sign up):

==>Weekly Training and Q and A With Sean

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