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Mastery Lesson 48 – Review So Far

At this point, you should have studied 47 lessons. Yesterday’s lesson will likely take a few days, so I am going to keep today’s lesson light. And yet it will be an important lesson.

So far you should have your basic information business in place, or be simplifying your existing information business so that you can take it to the next level.

You should have a full understanding of the kind of business you want to run, the importance of creating daily content, writing a daily email, positioning as an expert in your niche, you should have created a product and prepared a coaching program, and written a number of emails in your automated credibility campaign, along with your daily email.

And at this point you might be thinking, that sounds like a lot. And it is. And that’s why it’s been spread out over the last 47 lessons, one lesson at a time, one day at a time.

If you have been trying to do several lessons in one day, and then skipping several days between them, then you are probably feeling the effects of that, and may need to go back to the last lesson you completed in sequence.

Evaluate the list above and determine what is missing, what are you struggling with.

Consider hiring a coach to help you get organized and get results faster.

No matter how much information you get, no matter how much, “how to do it” info you get, nothing happens until it all comes together and you do it all. And as you are doing the various pieces, it is normal to get stuck on things, or not be able to figure out how they all fit together. And I’ve discovered that the easiest way to work through that and get great results fast is, instead of winging it and trying to do it on your own, is to hire a coach who has done what you want to do. That coach can answer your questions, guide you along, and lead you to the place where you are doing what he or she has done already.

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