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Mastery Lesson 60 – Final Lesson and Wrap Up

Hopefully the last few lessons have been powerful for you, as we have transitioned from learning the specific tactics to working on some mindset issues.

The last few motivational trainings have been excerpted from my spiritual training program:

Godly Prosperity Training Program

As we wrap things up today, I recommend you take an inventory of everything you have accomplished in the last 60 days, one day at a time:

products created
coaching program created
expert presence solidified
emails written
content created
visitors attracted

and so on . . .

have you optimized and maximized your time?

What is your game plan for the next 60 days, what do you want to accomplish in the next 60 days and what is it going to take to accomplish it?

What changes will need to be made to make that happen?

As we close out this program, I trust that you have taken full advantage of each lesson and are ready to take your business to an even higher level!

— Sean Mize

Coaching: Maximize Profits and Customer Loyalty Fast
Mastery Lesson 59 - Daily Plan and Daily Management of Master Plan
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