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Mastery Lesson 8 – Blueprint Homework

This lesson is a little different than the prior ones . . . there’s no audio training, just a homework assignment.

It’s print, it will take you about 2 hours, it assumes you have listened to ALL the lessons so far:

==>Create Your Own Blueprint

By now, you should be getting a feel for how the business operates, you should be getting a feel for what your business should “look like.”

And you may be getting a feeling for why what you may have in place in your business isn’t making you the profit you want.

Now, after doing this lesson, you may be thinking that you want to work with me more closely than just getting these daily lessons, as informative as they are, so I’d like to suggest that if that is the case, take a look at my Round Table Training Program (if the page isn’t live, it’s likely sold out, it’s limited in the number of folks in it so I can talk to every client on every call):

==>Round Table Mastermind with Sean Mize

— Sean Mize

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