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3 Secrets to Youtube Traffic

Most of the training I see about getting youtube traffic focuses on recording a really good-looking video, then getting it to rank in google.

But one of the things I see with youtube videos is that folks are recording a few videos, keyword targeted, pushing real hard to get them to come up high in google, and maybe that even happens – but they don’t get the sales they want.

It is like they are doing everything right.

And they are.

In theory.

And for one video.

But one thing I learned in publishing 25,000 articles over at ezinearticles (along with a lot of other really interesting things about human behavior) is that the average person didn’t tend to subscribe to my list from the first article they read. They would read one article, then go to my profile, read a few more articles, then finally subscribe.

Well, I believe the same thing happens in youtube. They watch your video, it’s good stuff, you ask them to sign up, and they say, no, not yet, let me see some more videos. And if you don’t have enough for them to really browse through and choose a few that meet their needs, my guess is, they won’t go to your squeeze page and get on your list.

So secret #1: you really need to have a good solid library of your own youtube videos in youtube.

Next, Your youtube video should give them EXACTLY what they think they need when they are typing a certain keyword into google. For example, if they type in, “How to Do Improve My Backstroke in Swimming” they want to find out EXACTLY how to improve their backstroke. They don’t want to hear about your, your training programs, they probably don’t want fancy graphics, lead-ins, etc. They want the exact information they are looking for.

And I think that’s where a lot of youtube marketers go wrong – they look around to see what others are doing and they copy what others are doing. But just because others are doing it, it doesn’t mean it WORKS!!!!

So I believe secret #2 is this: make your videos concise, exactly what you implicitly promise in the title of them, and get in and get out. Let them be wanting MORE when the video ends, not hoping it will end (ever watched a video like that, all you wanted was for the video to finish?)

And secret #3: You need to record a targeted video for each and every long-tailed keyword phrase someone might search. Because google is VERY SPECIFIC in their rankings. If your video is about “improve your backstroke” it is probably NOT going to show for ANY OTHER KEYPHRASE in your niche. So you need to create a video for each keyphrase you want to show in google.

To your success with youtube,

Sean Mize

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