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Content Marketing Duplication

I had a client recently ask me about content marketing duplication.

Now, my rule if thumb is write 100% original articles, all the time.

If you do that, google will honor you, your prospects will honor you, and you will be genuinely positioning as an expert.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t multi-purpose – I do that a lot.

But multi-purposing is different.

Multuipurposing is writing an article, then making it into a slideshare, a pinterest, and a youtube.

But content duplication like my client was asking about is more about using one article as the base for the next one.

I don’t recommend doing this EVER.

Here was the original basket of questions:

1) Content duplication…What is the right interpretation?
2) Use of PLR articles…is enough 30 % uniqueness to submitt them to main article directories?…Can they be submitted to main article’s directories
if they pass the CopyScape check…?
3) Spin writing software: best spinner..others…your opinion?
4) Article Marketing Robot…what’s your opinion on the use and effectiveness of this software…
5) If you write your original content…Should you write an original article for each directory…

Here’s the thing, when I see questions like this, I just think, this person is trying to see how close to the fire he can get without getting burned.

Don’t go near the fire.

No duplication.

Multi-purposing, yes.

Duplication, no.

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