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Content Marketing Insider Tips From Jay Baer

As you know, one of the things I do to generate traffic to my own
sites is content marketing . . . and Jay Baer is particularly
an expert . . . .and I’d like to suggest you read his article at the Content
Marketing Institute . . . here are a few things he suggests:

1) Create a blog editorial calendar that methodically answers customer questions (like this post!), and is designed to draw attention to longer-form useful content.

2) Format the basic content as a FAQ, and/or format the content as videos, with accompanying transcription (see for a great example)

3) You can (and should) look at data like search engine queries, social media chatter, web analytics, etc. But the best way to find out what your customers will find useful is to actually talk to your customers.

To read the original article:

Insider Content Marketing Topics

— Hope this is helpful,

Sean Mize

How to Use Content Marketing to Create 1,000 to 40,000 Pieces of Prospect - Attracting Online Content Per Year
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