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Final Results: 11 articles, 1 slideshare, 6 pinterests, and 3 videos in 3 hours and 42 minutes

Earlier today I set the goal of creating 10 articles, creating 10 slideshares, creating 10 pinterests, and recording 10 youtubes in 4 hours.

Now, I didn’t quite make it.

But let me ask you this: would it be helpful to YOU to SEE me writing 11 articles, converting 1 to slideshare, creating 6 pinterest pins, and recording 3 youtubes . … in what turned out to be 3 hours and 42 minutes?

If so, read on and I will show you.

By the way, I encourage your to check out every link, everything I did, and think about the impact if YOU were to do something similar to this – every day for a year. What kind of content network would YOU have in your business?

What kind of results would YOU have in your business if you did that?

What kind of presence would YOU have in your niche if you did that?

Ok, enough about you – let’s look at the process!

Here’s the thing, folks often ask me, well how can I do this? Well, my answer is usually something like: just sit down and do it. But they don’t really “get it” until they “see it.” So today I did this so that you can “see it.” If you’ve ever wondered if you can do this, just study this page for the next 20-30 minutes. You will be amazed at what you see, and you will see that you can do this as well.

To start, I want to show you a screen shot of the time:

time on start of 4 hours of content

That’s the start of this, minus the 2-3 minutes it took me to write this so far.

Start . . . . (by the way, from the start to the first finished article, I sent out the email for folks to watch this live, and sent a few other private emails, so a late start here:

It is 9:07, I started this at 8:13, right?

So this article is the first article:

Watch Me Write 10 Articles, do 10 Slideshares, 10 Pinterests and 10 Youtubes in 4 Hours

here is the second:

How Can an Amateur Do What I Do?

and the 3rd:

How to Write Unique Articles Over and Over Again on the Same Topics

Ok, here is the 4th article:

How to Start From Scratch With Content Marketing

So 4 hours, all together, 4 articles written now, and it is 9:30 (1.5 hours in)


Here is the 5th article:

How to Research for Articles Without Plagiarizing

9:51: article 6:

Content Marketing Duplication (Question Answered)

9:58: article 7:

Article Marketing Directories(Question Answered)

10:05: article 8:

How Many Articles Should You Write Each Day?(Question Answered)

10:34 – I’m pushing now, not sure I can do this in 4 hours!
I got distracted by some emails (I should have closed email completely, but I wrote a couple of select individuals and opened some worm cans)

But now I am back . . . and pushing hard to finish – watch the 4th quarter here!

Article 9:

How Do You Choose What to Create For a Free Giveaway? (Question Answered)

10:49 Article 10:

Easy Way to Write an Email Campaign From Scratch

Ok, ten articles written – nearly 3 hours – booooo – I’ve been answering too many emails and posting in other places simultaneously! Boo on multitasking!

Anyhow, back to the task – next I will create the pinterests-

I will just upload images from the articles I wrote here, make a few more if needed – probably mostly screenshots

Ok, now it is 11:27, so 3 hours and 27 minutes – allowed myself to get distracted with some distractions in my email box (a big no-no for productivity) so I probably won’t hit everything I set out to do. . . but this will show as a good example of what CAN be done . . .

So far, I have added 6 pins to pinterest, and just recorded 2 videos (one is being uploaded to youtube now, the other is here):

and here is a look at the pinterest account with the pins (I’ll likely add the individual pins later, but I don’t want it to cut into the time for this one)

Sean Mize 6 New Pins in Pinterest

Here is the 2nd video:

Back to work!
By the way, I hope this has been helpful!

Also, in the process of creating the video, I wrote another article (#11) now 11:31 so 3 hours 31 minutes

so far: 11 articles, 6 pins, 2 videos –

Here is the 11th article:

Demonstration of Adding Multiple Pins to Pinterest

Ok, it’s 11:53 and I have just finished the slideshare . . . and I videod me doing the slideshare so you can see exactly how I convert an article to slideshare . . . .

So this makes 11 articles, 6 pinterests, 1 slideshare, and 3 youtubes in a little shy of 4 hours.

Here is the slideshare:

How Can an Amateur Entrepreneur Do What a Successful Entrepreneur Does?

And the final video:

So that’s a total of 11 articles, 6 pinterests, 1 slideshare, and 3 videos – and here’s the final time:

Final Time

So that makes it 3:42 minutes for 11 articles, 6 pinterests, 1 slideshare, and 3 videos – and I spent too much time in email etc. to boot.

Thought question: What would happen if I did this everyday for a year?

So the question to you is this: has this been a valuable learning experience, even if I didn’t meet the goal?

What have you learned from this?

Could you do something similar with a little practice?

Hope this helps,


P.S Here’s one more relevant video I just recorded and put on youtube:

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