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How to Get Youtubes Videos Ranking High in Google

There’s tons of hoopla about tricks and secrets to getting high rankings in google. But one thing we know about youtube – google loves good youtube content.

So getting high rankings is easier than a lot of folks realize – and I’ve gotten them before quickly.

What I’ve found is key is creating a totally relevant video that is 100% on-topic for the EXACT keyword phrase you want to rank for.

Then do this:

Name the video by including the keyword in the title.

Use the keyword in the written content blurb under the video in youtube.

Use the keyword in the tags in youtube.

Link to the video from 3 high-quality sources.

Embed the video on your website.

Post the page on which the video is embedded on your website, in facebook and in 2/3 of the other places where you have access to post.

Post the video itself to the other 1/3 of places you have access to post.

Do that every day, and in one year you will likely have 150 videos in youtube, ranking for their respective keywords.

How many visits would you get to your site each day with a plan like that?

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