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How to Use Youtube to Get Lots of Targeted Prospects to Your Business

Youtube traffic doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to be complex, and it doesn’t have to use any kind of crazy seo or trickery.

There are just a few key things to remember:

1) (Most important) – Create content the humans watching it really like, so they will want to watch more of your videos

2) Include a link to get them to your opt in offer

3) Announce each new video to your list by linking to the video on a web page (like I do below for example)

When you do those 3 things, you optimize what google is looking for: they want more people watching your videos. And if folks join your list, you can tell them about future videos, and then you get more eyeballs to each new video than the one before. Google likes that. And when you link to the video on a webpage, it tells google what the video is important for.

By the way, sometimes it can be really instructive to see what others are doing, so I’m sharing below 2 youtube channels that get a lot of views each day. These are from wildly different niches, but both are highly successful youtube channels. Watch some of the videos, ask yourself, why do people subscribe and watch his or her videos? Then subcribe to their channels and see what happens.

You might learn something interesting just by watching the videos and seeing the progression in their campaigns.

Here they are:

Marie Forleo’s Channel

Mike Chang’s Channel

What have you learned from looking at those 2 channels?

By the way, if you want MORE training on how to do youtube traffic, check out these training programs:

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