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How Many Articles Should You Write Each Day?

How many articles should you write each day?

That depends on what you want to accomplish.

The more you write, that you write well, with good content, and a targeted audience – the more visitors you will get.

I’m always hesitant to recommend a certain number, because folks might say, oh, that is too many, or they might just do the number of articles I suggest, but they do it blindly, like they are following some formula.

There is no formula for how many articles to write.

I prefer to think in terms, of how many CAN I write today?

Also, I like to think in terms of “what is the best strategy TODAY for maximizing my touch in my market” and that might mean multipurposing instead of just writing tons of articles.

Here is an article I wrote demonstrating what I might do in a day:

Watch me write 10 articles, create 10 slideshares, 10 pinterests, and 10 youtubes, in 4 hours

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