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How to find out EXACTLY where to drive BUYER traffic in YOUR niche

How to find out EXACTLY where to drive BUYER traffic in YOUR niche

Do you want to drive traffic – any traffic – or do you want
to drive BUYER traffic?

If you want to drive BUYER traffic – let me ask you this:

Are you fishing where your prospects are?

Are you trying to “drive traffic” or are you going where
your prospects are and meeting them there, then inviting
them to your website?

I ask because so often I hear folks asking me “how do
I drive more traffic?” but when I ask them where
their prospects “hang out online” they don’t know.

But the truth of the matter is this . . . . if you don’t know
where prospects who NEED what you have and
are DESPERATE for a solution, are hanging out online
then you can’t possibly even start thinking about “driving traffic”

Does that make sense?

Here’s another example:

If you start by “driving traffic” you might be asking, ok, do
I do facebook traffic, do I do Google PPC, do I buy solo
ads, do I buy forum ads, do I write blog posts, do I record
youtube videos?

And then you try each of those traffic sources, and . . . you
get traffic – meaning clicks on your site – but not real people
with real needs.

Because that’s like saying, I want to go fishing, but I don’t
know what kind of fish I want to catch, so you end up using
the wrong bait, the wrong hook, the wrong everything . . . and
you end up with an empty boat.

Finding prospects is a lot like fishing. You gotta know where
your prospects hang out. Like, which lake are the trout in, where
are the bass, which sea are the halibut in?

You wouldn’t fish for marlin off the coast of Alaska, and you
wouldn’t fish for halibut off the coast of Florida.

But if that is the way you are driving traffic, just guessing and hoping
and taking chances, you probably aren’t getting the “traffic” you want.

You are bringing up worms and turtles and old boots – but no fish.

You gotta figure out WHERE your fish (prospects) are FIRST – THEN
figure out what traffic matches your fish.

For example, do your fish hang out on facebook? If so, where? What groups
are they in (if you sell cooking equipment but are advertising to marketing
groups, you probably are coming up empty)

Do your fish do searches on google?

If so, what are they looking for?

Should you do the quick and easy (and expensive) PPC –
or should you create custom content that your fish can find when
they are looking for your help?

Are your fish finding you by watching videos on youtube? If so, do
you have a video for every topic that they might search on?

Anyhow, I hope this has made things a little clearer . . .

Are you fishing where your prospects are?

Where do YOUR prospects hang out and what types of traffic do YOU think
will get to THOSE prospects?

— Sean Mize

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