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How to Research for Articles Without Plagiarizing?

Here is a question from a client:
What is the proper way to Research and Write an Article for your Webpage without plagarizing or infringing on any copyrighted material, and with using ones targeted keyword(s) and LSI keywords?Here is my answer:

The easiest way to do this is to research to learn the material, then write the article off of the top of your head. Unless you have a photographic memory, and most people don’t, you won’t be plagiarizing. Once you learn something and internalize it, you know it. So now you can write and teach from your own knowledge.

And obviously if you are teaching something that is uniquely a process owned or developed by someone else, common courtesy would be to reference the source of your knowledge.

So if you are writing something from reading in one place, acknowledge the source, but if you read 20 articles, learn the material cold, and write new articles, you probably don’t need to acknowledge all the places where you learned your knowledge.

Hope this helps!


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