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How to Start From Scratch With Content Marketing

You can start from scratch with content marketing.

You see, even though I have 25,000 articles over at ezinearticles, I am starting from scratch over here at slideshare, pinterest, and almost from scratch with youtube –

I’ll show you some stats in a second –

By the way, for a detailed discussion of why I believe ANYONE can start from scratch, read this article:

How Can an Amateur Do What I Do?

That article tells you the WHY, and in this article I am going to SHOW you the dream – and you can follow along the next few months and see it done –

Today is November 26, 2013, and you can see that I have only 2 slideshares right now:

Sean Mize Slideshares

Now, if you want to see what I have now, go here:

Sean Mize Slideshare

Here’s pinterest:

Pinterest 1 board 1 pin

And here’s the link to the account:

Sean Mize Pinterest

And here’s youtube:

youtube 10 videos

And here’s a link to the channel so you can watch new ones being loaded over time (if you subscribe there, google will tell you when I add more videos – I’m hoping to add hundreds in the next few months):

Sean Mize Youtube Channel

Ok, so you see where I have “been there, done that”

But you also see that in 3 new mediums, I am STARTING FROM SCRATCH, just like you might be.

And you can follow along and do the same thing I am doing, if you want to!

Content Marketing Duplication
Watch Me Write 10 Articles, Create 10 Slideshares, Create 10 Pinterests, and Record 10 Youtubes in 4 Hours
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