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How to Write Unique Articles About the Same Topic Over and Over


I wonder if you can tell us the secret of how to write new and unique articles about the same topic over and over, for years and years, without running out of things to say, and just like magazines do on specific topics or recurring themes?

That’s a great question, and I’m tempted to just say, it’s experience, just do it and you will see.

But that would be the cop out.

But literally, when I sit down to write, I just forget that I have ever written on that topic before, and just write what I know about that topic.

Just like I am answering you right now – my guess is I have written about this several times at ezinearticles – but I have no idea what I wrote, so right now it is like I am writing all over again. Fresh.

Brand new.

I could answer this question every single day if I were asked it everyday.

Think about this, if you go on vacation, and 10 people ask you, what was the thing you did on your vacation that was the most fun?

You would tell them each, 10 times all together, and each time you tell it, it would be fresh, right?

It is the same way with writing articles . . . just write fresh each day, as if you have never written on that topic before!

I hope this helps,


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