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Youtube Examples

Sometimes the easiest way to learn to do something is to see others do it.

The thing is, youtube traffic can be really easy, you need 3 things primarily:

1) Engaging videos that people really want to watch

2) Tell interested people about them

3) Ask watchers to opt in to your list

That’s it. The thing is, you don’t need lots of seo or trickery – all you need is great content, and get folks to watch your videos. That makes google happy, so they show your video more.

For a couple examples of this in real life from 2 wildly different niches:

Marie Forleo’s Channel

Mike Chang’s Channel

And to learn more about how to do it:

How to Drive Your Kindle Book Sales With Youtube (Works For Other Websites, Too)

How to Create the Youtube Videos

How to Get Youtubes Videos Ranking High in Google
How to Use Youtube to Get Lots of Targeted Prospects to Your Business
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