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Adding Training Content to Your Membership

Now that you have your membership created, it might be like a shell now: it might just have a domain name, membership software and possibly a few posts.

And that’s okay.

All you need to start your membership is a few lessons – if that.

Seriously, I started THIS training center (which is a membership, of course) with about 3 lessons on day 1.

Now, I furiously wrote lessons for several weeks until I had the step by step components covered (and of course, as I write this, I am writing another one)

And you can do the same thing – start with lesson 1, then add lessons over time.

Of course, your membership doesn’t have to have “lessons”

Your membership could promise 2 live training calls per month, and you don’t do the first one until you have your first member.

Then 2 times a month you do a live training call, and you add the recording of each live training call to the membership and after 1 year you have 24 recordings on your membership.

Your membership does not have to be populated with tons of content and lessons on day one, or even on day 30.

You can also add training content a little bit at a time, in addition to formal “lessons”

For example, perhaps you write your 10 x 10 matrix ( 10 x 10 matrix ) ( using your 10 x 10 matrix ) and you end with 100 topics.

Each day you could write about 1 topic for 10 minutes, and by the end of 100 days, you have an “encyclopedia” of 100 topics written about. It’s like a library of content in your niche.

And it doesn’t have to be on day 1.

It’s something I’d like for this site, but I’m not there yet (can you tell I’m really into this idea of showing you that since I can do it, so can you, and I’m not doing it perfectly, and neither do you need to?)

So for content, we’ve talked about these ideas:

  1. “lessons” (like this)
  2. content (articles, blog posts, etc.)
  3. videos (we didn’t talk about this, but it’s the same as an article, just you speak the words instead of write)
  4. live training calls
  5. put recordings of live training calls in the membership

Can YOU think of other types of content you can add to your membership?

And of course remember, you don’t need to have ALL of these – just one or 2 is fine, especially to start. In fact, with the content itself, I personally don’t like having more than 2 genres of content.


So . . .what types of content can you put on your website?

Just make a decision – you can always change it down the road.

And just start creating one piece per day (just like I am writing this . . . today!)



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