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Choose a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name doesn’t have to be hard.

In fact, it should be simple.

It’s closely related to your business name.

In fact, once you have it, you may have your business name.

Here are the rules:

1) your domain name must tell the user what the site is about.

2) your domain name must be simple and easy to type

3) that’s it

For example, if your domain name is about karate, your domain name should  include the word karate.

If you domain name is about some obscure form of karate, your domain name should include the type of karate.

Another example, if your domain name is about gardening, your domain name should  include the word garden or gardening.

If you domain name is about a specific type of flower, your domain name should include that type of flower.


Now, for simplicity:


you can add words like the, your, you, a, to, or any other preposition or prefix or any other short word you want to the beginning or the end of your word

You can also add one explanatory word to your main word

that creates a 3 word domain name

for example







and so on

there are practically an unlimited combination of words like this:

10o times your word times an explanatory word (100) = 10,000 possibles

write a list of as many possibles as possible

here’s the gardening example:








Or flower-specific:








make a big list of all your possibles (sometimes my lists might be 30-40 domain names long, or maybe longer. Yours can be even longer.)


Look at them.

Which do you like?

Which look better?

Are some confusing?

(sometimes between your words there will be double letters or something that makes the term confusing)

Scratch those off.

Get down to a list of 20 or less.

THEN go to and see what’s available.

Then buy the one you like.

Notice I had you get to maybe 20 choices before starting to search what’s available.

if you start searching with less, you might get discouraged, or get boxed into ideas.

Stay creative by sticking with paper and making possibles list – searching what’s available is the LAST step.


Then buy the domain name.

Don’t hesitate.

Make a decision.

Just make the decision.


Buy the domain name.


Note: I always buy domain names separately from hosting.

That way if something goes bad with your web host, your domain name isn’t held hostage.

Buy your domain name somewhere like namecheap, then follow your web host’s directions for “pointing” the domain name at namecheap to your web host.


Ok, don’t read any more.

Start brainstorming your domain name.


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