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Choose Membership Software Part 3

Ok, we’re finally here . . .

I’m going to give you a few top suggestions:

(I’ve used links to Chris Lema’s reviews so you can quickly cut to the chase about features)

Wishlist Member  (I’ve personally used wishlist member and found it was really easy to use)

Fastmember (I haven’t used this one, but has just about every feature we’ve discussed and is easy to use)

Restrict Content Pro is easy to use as well, but doesn’t make drip and concurrent accounts easy)

Now, with wordpress as your platform, those are probably my top 3 solutions.

However, if you use infusionsoft as your autoresponder, there’s one that is probably a “best” option because it is controlled inside of infusionsoft, so integrates perfectly (and still runs on wordpress as a plug):


Perhaps you are asking, ok, what about the other 30 or so membership plugins?

They each have their features . . . and you can probably use any of them and be happy. But I couldn’t make a list of 30!!!

What about other platforms?

Here’s the skinny: this training is designed for folks making less than $5k a month – in short, beginners And wordpress is really easy.

Not only is it easy, it’s easy to get help with it.

So some of the other platforms may make great options – but just starting out – I’m very big on ease – easy, easy, easy.

THAT’S why you are taking this training, right?

To get up and running FAST?

So my recommendation: use a wordpress plugin for your membership software, choose one that is easy to use and that you intuitively “like” and just get started!

And that leads to the next step:

Install your chosen membership software.

How to: simply follow the directions in your purchased membership plugin.

Each membership plugin you can purchase has a different process for doing it, so I can’t give you step 1, step 2, etc. directions.

But each one is relatively easy to use (especially the ones listed above)

Just follow the directions.

One tip:

Once it’s installed, if you get stuck . . . just write a post then practice protecting it.

Once you can create a post and protect it to only members, you are 80% done.

Then you just have to integrate with a payment method and make that post the first lesson.

That’s it.

One membership level and one lesson to start.

EVERYTHING bolts on from there.

Keep it easy.

Review: choose a membership software.

Install it.

Create your first post and protect it.

Integrate with a payment source.

Create one membership level.

You have a membership site!

EVERYTHING else is aesthetics or extra.

You have your core, basic membership site!


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