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Get Web Hosting

The next step is to get web hosting.

If I haven’t mentioned it already, I’m recommending a wordpress platform for your membership site.

So you’ll want wordpress hosting for your web host.

Now, you can go to just about any web server in the world and put wordpress on it.

But I recommend instead that you get word-press specific hosting.

They help make sure you don’t have as many security problems, they are available to answer your questions, and so on.

Now, if this were a different kind of project, we’d spend a lot of time researching all the different web hosts and which are better.

Web hosting I personally use:

Web Hosting I Personally Use for Fast Pages and Security



You don’t have to pick the RIGHT one today.

Just pick one.

The best one for today’s needs.

You can always switch later (and with wordpress, it’s pretty easy, just do a backup, get new hosting, follow the directions for moving your site)

We’ve talked about how decisions like these can really hog-tie folks into NOT getting their business up and running and profitable.

Don’t let it happen to you!

If you get overwhelmed and confused, just make a decision.

Get web hosting today.


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