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How to Find The Right Visitors For YOUR Membership

Today officially begins the traffic portion of building your membership business.

You have your membership in place (or close) and you have a squeeze page so you can get subscribers from your traffic.

There are 2 things left to get your business profitable: 2) writing a daily email and 1) getting visitors who need or want what you teach, to come to your site, become first, subscribers, and second, a percentage of them join your membership and pay month after month.

We’ll leave the daily email for another week or 2 – of course you can send one from time to time if you want.

But it’s time to start working on traffic.

But not any old traffic.

Not the kind of traffic you read about in a quickie manual and gets you a zillion visitors in 24 hours . . . but nobody buys anything.

We want real visitors who want or need what you have, and who will pay you for your services – in this case, pay you for teaching them whatever you are teaching in your membership.

To start, I’ve recorded a training that is going to give you deep insight into where these visitors are and how you will begin to get them to your site.

There is a homework assignment (some might say it is several).

It will require a minimum of several hours of work, and you can’t skip it or the traffic lessons I send later will not get you the results you want.

Now that your membership is created or nearly so, and you have a squeeze page, the single most important part of your business – and your daily activity – is the RIGHT traffic.

If you’ve been driving the wrong traffic or not enough of the right traffic, you know you have a problem.

I teach you how to fix it in this training:

Deep Foundation to Driving the RIGHT Traffic That Will BUY

So . . . listen to that training, and do the homework assignments!

Then I will start showing you HOW to get each certain kind of traffic to your site . . .

but until you do the homework assignment in the recording above, if you start driving those kinds of traffic before doing the homework assignment, you risk continuing to spin your wheels with the wrong traffic for YOUR membership.

Let’s get buyers on your list and in your membership!


How to Create a Squeeze Page
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