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How to Write Your Membership Sales Letter

At this point, you have your membership created, and you’ve listened to the training about writing the presell campaign, along with some other tidbits on that lesson.

As you know, I’m creating this live as we go (and you can see how easy it is to just add a lesson every few days, you can do it too)

In the long run, I’ll probably re-time the lessons so future clients get this lesson BEFORE the preselling emails lesson.

But this is how they are now!

Writing your membership sales letter doesn’t have to be perfect, or hard, or confusing. And the more direction I give, the more confusing it gets!

So I’ve tried to keep this simple, so you can just easily follow along.

But know that you don’t have to use my words, or do it exactly the way I do it.

it’s just one way, and it’s just a guide.

So here’s the lesson:

How to Write a Membership Salesletter

Even if you don’t have all the parts of your membership up, go ahead and write the first draft of your sales letter. This is going to make it easier to just pull the plug and open it when you are ready, you can just finish the sales letter instead of starting from scratch.

And know it can be really simple, it doesn’t have to be complicated!


In the next few lessons, we’ll finalize your membership initial content and structure, create a squeeze page, then start getting traffic to your site so you can start building a list, writing emails, and enrolling folks in your membership!



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