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Memberships to Look At

This is an interruptor lesson, like a commercial break.

It’s not fully fleshed out.

I may take it down or move it somewhere else over time.

But I think it might be helpful.

I think that sometimes folks have a pre-conceived notion of what a “membership” should look like, based on what they’ve personally seen.

So if you’ve only seen one idea of a membership site – THAT’S your notion – or maybe your notion is to do “anything but what you’ve seen” which may or may not be a great idea.

So I want to share with you a list of membership sites.

Some may not feel like memberships to you – but at their core, they are.

And when you look at 10+ membership sites, and see pricing, and what they offer, and so on, you might begin to get a feel for what you can include.

Of course, the real danger to a list like this is that some of these may have 10 or more features, and you might think you can’t launch until yours has 10 features.

But don’t let that happen.

You see, the simplest membership is one with content on it, and you add content 1-2 times per month.

And you can start that from scratch with ZERO content on it, and they get the first content live when you offer the first live class.

Or like THIS membership – I think it had 3 blog-post style lessons when it started, plus a q and a forum (which was really easy to set up)

(by the way, later on, I’ll give you some ideas of things like q and a forums to that you can “bolt on” to your membership over time.

So you can start your membership with 3 blog posts and a promised live training. And do 1-2 live trainings per month, and the recordings become part of the membership content and in 12 months you have 12-24 recorded trainings – and THAT’S your membership.

And you can add an interactional feature if you want (like a forum). But I caution against creating a forum until you have enough members that it will get used because there isn’t much worse than a dead forum!!!

So here are some ideas:

NFL Gamepass – access to videos etc

Dropbox (app based membership)

Videos on Demand

Dollar Shave Club

Now, you might be thinking . . . these have nothing to do with what I am doing.

That’s right, but I’ve been wanting to share this list for a long time, and I have an audience!!!

Ok, now for content and coaching memberships like what you are likely creating:

Health Membership

Karate Coaching Membership

Brain Time

CBI Membership

I may add more over time . . .


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